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Android-ERP Business (ERPdroid)

Access your business securely from anywhere. Fully integrated multi-task, multi-currency, ERP/CRM/HRM accounting suite suitable for the entrepreneur, and small to medium companies. Unlimited companies and users (see license terms). SQL server based to share data with multiple users in real time on local area network and/or cloud server with secure remote access.

Give your business a financial edge with this powerful workflow driven accounting system. Empower your business without any special skills or qualifications. Your users will appreciate its simplicity, while advanced users will enjoy the rich variety of features.

Supported job modules is

  • Sales, Rentals/Leasing/HP, Warehousing, Repairs and Maintenance, Manufacture to Order or Stock, and general business. All integrated with expenses, engineering costs, etc, providing a real-time cost of goods per job. Integrated document manager on jobs, quotes, and contacts to link email, images, drawings, etc, to job or project. Speed up transaction entry with built-in short-cut features.

  • Cheque and Envelope printing, Payments, Statements, Accounts receivable and payable, SALES TAX, GST, VAT reconciliation.

  • Rule based access control on all modules ensure controlled access, integrity of data and workflow procedures.

  • Extensive queries on all modules with exports to html, word, excel, pdf, csv, email, or printer.

  • Unlimited Users and Companies, 12 month MSU included.

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You cannot be in control of a business if you don't know what is going on. With bad numbers, or no numbers, a company is flying blind, and it happens all of the time.
Anyone who started their business using standard stationary, excel spreadsheets, or plain double entry accounting solution and switched to Android-ERP Business will testify they never looked back.

To succeed in today’s market you must have absolute on-demand control of:-

  • Efficiency. This is *only* attainable by automating all aspects of your business.

  • Global opportunities. Be able to quote, invoice, order, dispatch in any currency.

  • Your stock, orders, returns, repairs and warranty’s. You must be able to track stock from supplier to stock to customer and back.

  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable. You must know at any moment who owns you money (debtors), and to whom you own money (creditors), and most important profit and loss on a job-to-job or any date period at any time!

  • Staff expenses, time and attendance, leave. Know who is really earning their salary. Also determine how to apply staff incentives and bonuses.

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ERPdroid features in more detail

The job module allows you full control over budgeting, payments, time estimates, workflow, cost tracking, stock control, manufacture to stock or order, credit control, document management and correspondence, and more. Screens include, costing, invoices, orders, deliveries, file management, notes, tasks, time tracking and assembly.

This module acts as an umbrella under which all other modules contribute. At a quick glance you can see what stages (milestones) and tasks are related to a job. Tab buttons allow a quick view of all areas of the job allowing the user to click on an item to view the full details. Users can also link related documents to jobs stored on a server or locally on the user's computer.

Job Management allows you to better manage your budgets. Job costs are automatically updated with every job transaction. Obtain accurate and immediate job costing reports which compare your estimated costs to your actual costs. Identify production inconsistencies before they create problems on the shop floor. Take control of your manufacturing and procurement processes with Job Management.

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